The principal interest of PAU ESTEVE is to reach the highest level of satisfaction among its Customers. According to this, all its products meet the highest quality standards and are verified before shipping them to the Customers. Nevertheless, if once the order is received, any errors are made in relation to the shipped product, the size or colour of any product are not those requested or you simply wish to return any product by exercising your withdrawal right, you shall send an e-mail to before a period of fourteen (14) calendar days after the reception of the product/s to be exchanged or returned, indicating the reasons (error in shipping, size change or exercising the withdrawal right).

In the event that Customers desire to exercise the withdrawal right, they may use the following draft or other kind of statement in which you can express your desire to withdraw clearly and unequivocally.

Withdrawal form draft

– To the attention of PAU ESTEVE:

– I/we hereby notify you (1) that I/we withdraw from my/our (1) sales agreement of the following good/ service provided (1)

– Ordered on/received on (1)

– Customer/s and user/s name

– Customer/s and user/s address

– Customer/s and user/s signature (only if this form is submitted in paper)

– Date

We remind you that, according to the current legislation, the exercise of the withdrawal right does not apply to the acquisition of underwear, swimsuits, cosmetic products and those products that by its nature cannot be returned or may deteriorate.

PAU ESTEVE will answer to your e-mail as soon as possible with the details of how to proceed according to the circumstances.

In order to return or change any product, you shall check that the same comply with the following conditions:

• The product must not be used or washed-out.

• The product must be returned in the same condition it was sent and in the original packaging. If the original packaging is not available (only in case of shipping error), it must be replaced by a similar one with the same size and capacity.

• The return must be made to the address indicated below, within fourteen (14) calendar days after our e-mail confirmation to your request:


Once the product is received and its condition has been checked by PAU ESTEVE, if such product fulfills all requirements set forth above, PAU ESTEVE shall proceed as follows:

– In the event of changes in the characteristics of the product/s chosen by the Customer (size change, color change): PAU ESTEVE will proceed to the shipping of the product in the size or color demanded by the Customer not charging the Customer the shipping or transport expenses of the second shipping. Notwithstanding the above, it shall neither be refunded to the Customer the shipping expenses incurred in order to return the product/s to PAU ESTEVE to complete the exchange nor those transport expenses paid when initially made the purchase.

– In the event of shipping mistakes (size, color or not requested product by the Customer): PAU ESTEVE will proceed to ship the product in the size or color the Customer demanded in the initial order, not charging the Customer the shipping and transport expenses of the second shipping, refunding the Customer the shipping expenses in which he/she incurred to return the product/s to PAU ESTEVE to proceed with the change, provided that Costumer duly justifies such expenses.

– In the event of returns derived from the exercise of the withdrawal right (change of mind about the purchase, if admissible): PAU ESTEVE will proceed to the refund of the amount of the returned product/s, by the same payment mechanism used by the Customer to complete the purchase, within a maximum term of fourteen (14) calendar days since the exercise of the withdrawal right, that is, the date in which the Customer sent an e-mail to PAU ESTEVE indicating his wish to exercise said right, deducting only the shipping expenses of the order initially paid and not refunding the Customer the shipping expenses in which he/she may have incurred to return the product to PAU ESTEVE.

In no case, PAU ESTEVE will accept any change or return of any product send by the Customer postage due.

In case that the product/s returned according to the circumstances described in this section, do not meet the required conditions for the return or change, PAU ESTEVE will communicate it to the Customer, indicating the alternatives he/she has in relation to the same according to the circumstances of the specific case (for example, but not limited to, return of the same product/s prepaid, replacement of the product/s with additional cost, repairing of the product/s at Customer’s expense, among others).